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Dear Pelvic Therapy Specialists Community

We have been actively monitoring the impact of COVID-19. Safety of our patients, our staff and doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst the community is extremely important to us.


While the situation is evolving, we remain open for business at this point as continuing patient care is amongst our highest priorities.


We are fortunate enough to have very limited congregation areas and treat patients one-on-one in a more controlled environment. We have added to our cleaning and sanitizing protocols.


We ask patients that are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with persons exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms to cancel their appointment. No cancelation fees will be charged for related cancellations.


Patients are highly encouraged to take their temperature at home before treatment sessions and we will also have a thermometer for use at the clinic should patients not have ready access.


Any COVID-19 questions should be directed info@pelvictherapy.com or ph 303.601.7495.


We are taking this situation very seriously and hope that these measures provide some peace of mind for the majority of patients who are continuing their treatment.

Get Your Life Back

STOP your constant restroom radar | avoiding intimacy | exercise ban | relying on painkillers or injections | thinking surgery is the only option | not enjoying pregnancy & being a new mom | avoiding sitting in a chair | suffering in silence

Partners On Your Journey

To wellness and health

Taking Back Control To Thrive

Physician referral not required—you are your best healthcare advocate

Silence Breaking Movement

Bringing pelvic diagnoses to the forefront


We adhere to a proven, evidenced-based, and collaborative approach led by a team of highly trained specialized physical therapists.

Our approach follows best-in-class clinical practices that combine health science research in pelvic and orthopedic care with compassionate, personalized treatment.

Our goal is to provide life-changing results and get you back to full health.


Pelvic physical therapy works, so you can start getting better, faster!

At Pelvic Therapy Specialists, it is not uncommon for our therapists to work with patients who have been referred from specialist to specialist to finally resolve pelvic-related issues that they have been suffering with for years.


Our clinic originated from a strong desire to heal people from life-debilitating conditions, and truly change lives.  

We built the clinic not only around this desire, but also due to frustration from not being able to achieve our goals under the general physical therapy clinic model.

We also had a bigger purpose propelling us. 

We wanted to forge a movement to both stop the silent suffering and educate women and men on the benefits of pelvic physical therapy – a specialty field that many do not know is an option in healthcare!

We felt you and our community deserved better. Thus, Pelvic Therapy Specialists was born.


Your therapists have extensive and unparalleled pelvic focused training.

Moreover, many of your therapists have personally experienced a number of pelvic symptoms, ranging from pain with intimacy to bladder dysfunction.

They have also experienced similar feelings of isolation, embarrassment, and despair.​ In fact, it is often these experiences paired with the amazing results of pelvic physical therapy that sparked a lifelong dedication to this rewarding specialty.

Sandra Shevlin

Sandra Shevlin

DPT; Clinic Owner

Dr. Shevlin has been treating pelvic specific diagnoses for over 17 years. Sandra started her career with the nationally recognized Clear Passage Physical Therapy practice. She graduated with a clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Creighton University in Omaha, and has completed over 300 hours of continuing education in Women’s and Men’s health-focused courses. Sandra enjoys various activities with her family, including: mountain biking, skiing (snow & water), running, and volleyball.

Molly Barfield

Molly Barfield

DPT; Clinic Manager

Dr. Barfield received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado. She loves to integrate her outpatient orthopedic skills with women’s health and is passionate about using her expertise to allow people to function at their highest capacity in their day-to-day life and in the activities that they love. Molly is a Boulder native and in her free time she enjoys skiing, mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding, yoga, and Pilates.

McKenna Williamson

McKenna Williamson


McKenna received her bachelors in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado. During her studies she developed a passion for healthcare and is pursuing higher education in the field. McKenna is a Boulder native and loves spending her free time exploring everything that Colorado has to offer!

Liesel Jay

Liesel Jay


Dr. Jay is an Ohio native, returned Peace Corps volunteer, and graduate of the Doctoral program from the University of New England. After spending over three years in an outpatient orthopedic setting, she found her passion in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Liesel is inspired by her patients and finds joy in focusing her efforts within this underserved, yet undeniably critical domain. Liesel and her husband moved to Colorado in 2017 and enjoy spending time with their dog Stanley & traveling.

Becca Eddings

Becca Eddings


Dr. Eddings received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Tennessee State University. She began pursuing an interest in pelvic health during her final clinical rotation of PT school and has since continued to build her passion for this specialty. Becca believes in the importance of connection with her patients and loves incorporating mindfulness and intention in order to individualize her treatment approach. A Nashville native, Becca is thrilled to call Colorado her new home!

Virginia Arnette

Virginia Arnette


Dr. Arnette received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado. She is passionate about pelvic health physical therapy because of its capacity to empower patients and improve their quality of life. She values therapeutic alliance and the opportunity to learn about what motivates each patient. Outside of the clinic, Virginia enjoys playing music, drinking coffee and exploring Colorado’s many hot springs.

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